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Our platform is designed with one simple goal: maximize your sales and your ROI using the same budget.

  • Easily control your campaigns

    A unique place to manage your campaigns. Observe the performance of your Shopping catalogue, put ahead your top categories, program your promotions…
  • An awesome revenue

    Benefit from a powerful algorithm, 100% designed for e-retailers. By modifying progressively the bids according to product performance, you obtain the maximum revenue and volume of sales for the same invested amount.
  • Stop wasting time

    Automated bids, recommendations and alerts help you improve your campaigns in real time: you concentrate yourself on what is important

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  • +45% +45% average revenue using the same Shopping budget
  • 80% 80% time saved in the daily management of your Google Shopping campaigns
  • 28 28 KPIs and recommendations available for free

In obtaining the title ‘Premier Google Partner’, we have proved our profound knowledge of the mechanisms of Google Shopping campaigns. Google also recognizes our ability to develop the activity of our clients: optimizations of existing campaigns and follow-up of performance.

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Our Mission

Querian is a specialist in Google Shopping campaigns. Online retailers have very specific needs linked to seasonality, promotions, constraints to controlling the catalogue and stock: our platform is designed to easily respond to these needs: our objective is to make Google Shopping a lever that is simple to use, flexible, and very efficient.

About us

We wanted to create a unique platform that responds to all the needs of E-retailers on Google Shopping

Bastien Bastien Duclaux - CEO and co-founder

Automatic analysis and free recommendations in order to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns

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